Taking my frustration out on my baby

I’m the boss at work and I have to give orders all day, but there are days when I want to come home and lose all control. I have a special friend who loves to spend time with me, but we always do the same thing and have the same type of sex. Tonight, I want to do something different. Tonight, I want to hop in a hot shower and lather him up with soap until all of the bubbles. He’s going to be the best submissive baby tonight. I towel dry him off and then strap the leather ball gag in his mouth so that he can’t make a sound. He starts to drool and slobber on the ball gag, but I don’t care, he’s about to be my kinky cum slut tonight. And, I don’t want to hear a word about it. I tie him up in a butter soft leather cockpiece with the straps and nothing else. He’s going to be my nasty little freak tonight.



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