Mommy’s Pantyhose

I know about your silky little secret, doll. How when Mommy is away you sneak into my drawers to indulge your pantyhose fetish. Well look at that blush! You didn’t really think I wouldn’t find out, did you? Since I know your secret it seems only fair that you know mine too, that I fantasize about turning you into Mommy’s sissy girl and dressing you in a matching set of soft pantyhose before playing with your hard cock in all that feminine fabric. Will you be Mommy’s good little pantyhose boy and let me make you into my sissy dolly? I’m craving a night full of no taboo mommy son sex in our sexy lingerie. Lay back, sugar, and let Mommy have her way with you. That’s my good sissy boy, I’ve got some extra special panties all picked out just for you!


Mommy Jackie


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