Forced Bi For Your Mistress

If I tell you to get down on your knees and suck another man’s cock, do you think that you have a choice in the matter?  I’m going to force you to be bisexual, to get accustomed to having a cock stretching out your mouth and your ass.  You may learn to enjoy it or you may not, but you will please me when you follow my instructions promptly and exactly.  That is what you need to be focused on, not your wants, but mine.  I want you to be so eager to please me that you could have a massive cock so far down your throat that you are gagging, but you will still keep looking over at me to make sure I’m pleased with my faggot cock-sucker’s behavior.  Would you like to be my eager submissive male slave? Call me for humiliation phonesex to tell how much you would love that.



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