Taking my frustration out on my baby

I’m the boss at work and I have to give orders all day, but there are days when I want to come home and lose all control. I have a special friend who loves to spend time with me, but we always do the same thing and have the same type of sex. Tonight, I … Read more Taking my frustration out on my baby

Pee Loving Kinky Submissive

Some mornings I wake up to go to the bathroom, but before I can scoot off the bed my dominant boyfriend smacks me on my ass and asks me just where I thought I was going. I play along, telling him that I have to go tinkle and still shimmying over to the side, but … Read more Pee Loving Kinky Submissive

Drop To Your Knees, Slave

You were unfortunate enough to be crafted as the inferior gender and now the time has come to take your proper place at my feet. Beg to serve me, weakling, I can almost feel the will to serve me taking hold over your lacking male form. The only thing that will bring you inner peace … Read more Drop To Your Knees, Slave

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