Drop To Your Knees, Slave

You were unfortunate enough to be crafted as the inferior gender and now the time has come to take your proper place at my feet. Beg to serve me, weakling, I can almost feel the will to serve me taking hold over your lacking male form. The only thing that will bring you inner peace is doing my will and living for my pleasure. Catering to each and every sadistic, humiliating whim of mine is your life from now on. Tell me how you adore it, sub slut. Women dominating men is the proper order of things and you are lucky to be granted this spot below me. Oh so far below, mind you. The submissive male mindset is powerless to its proper Mistress, and I intend to make you aware of that in every fiber of your being. You are mine, slave, worship your Mistress.

-Mistress Jackie


#bdsm #domme #D/s

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