Pimping My Sissy Fag Out to the World

Once again my pathetic sissy fag Ty is having me troll the net for a daddy master to worship. Check out his latest attempt. ┬áDear Ms Ava: Please post this for me; I know that this is a pathetic attempt for attention, but I would like to try anyway to attract a master that I … Read more Pimping My Sissy Fag Out to the World

Cuckolding Sissy With Jenna

Who’s excited for the fourth of july? This femdom sure is! Last year I had so much fun with one of my cuckold losers. I taped some sparklers around his pathetic thing of a little dick. Once they were taped, you should have seen the look on his face! He screamed and wailed once the … Read more Cuckolding Sissy With Jenna

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