Pimping My Sissy Fag Out to the World

bdsm mistress

Once again my pathetic sissy fag Ty is having me troll the net for a daddy master to worship. Check out his latest attempt.

 Dear Ms Ava:

Please post this for me; I know that this is a pathetic attempt for attention, but I would like to try anyway to attract a master that I may worship, serve or just someone who want so abuse or humiliate me:

Sixty one year old man- not a man really- who is a sissy and desperate and craving to serve a younger man who is dominate.  I understand that I am worthless, and you are everything.  You are my superior in every way.  All I want is to please you in whatever way you wish.  I do not deserve much, so I understand I may have to sleep by the side of your bed (if I am lucky) so that when you wake up I can greet you and serve you.  Your cock will be my god.  You will be by god.  I know that I need constant punishment so I would be honored if you would punish me if I disappoint you in the slightest at any time.  I know i should be spanked hard, especially in front of your girlfriend or friends.  If you want to dress me up to take me out to a bar or a mall, on a leash or otherwise, again, I would be honored to do so.  If you want me to dance with another man in public or go down on my knees and serve him, of course I would be happy to do so.  Like a good girl. I would reach up on my tippy toes to kiss him or have him put his strong arms around me.

Thank you in advance for even listening to my feeble request, Master.

I have trained this sissy fag in strap on play and sucking cock. He is an excellent candidate for a strong master who needs a diaper slave.


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