Excuse me emasculation phone sex lover, what do you think you’re doing? Did I tell you you were allowed to play with yourself? I didn’t did I? I think I would remember if I gave you permission to wank that pathetic excuse of a dick you have. You just want to be punished at this … Read more Emasculated

Panty Boy Pervert

Stop it right there you panty boy pervert. What do you think you’re doing? You thought mommy was going to be away at work all day didn’t you? You thought that while mommy was at work doing her job you would sneak home and miss a day at school and even worse you decided to … Read more Panty Boy Pervert

BDSM Mommy Tawny

I love it when you take your giant Cock and shove it down my bdsm mommy throat! It makes my tight pussy drip from excitement. You know exactly what I want when you tie my hands behind my back sit me on my knees and make me stare up at your raging hard dick. I‘m so excited that I have soaked throw my … Read more BDSM Mommy Tawny

Naughty Cuckolding Phone Sex Part 1

Tawny and Drew were excited to see their new friend Will arrive for a Tuesday lunch at their home. The meal would be the perfect beginning to the  No Taboo activities Tawny had planned with Will. She had not seen this new man in her life in a week and a half. Will and Tawny … Read more Naughty Cuckolding Phone Sex Part 1

Gagging On Big Black Cock

Did you know that you were going to become the filthy cum slut that you are now? Did you even have a clue that you would end up begging the way you do for some big black cock to stretch out every greedy hole you have? I know how much you like gagging on a … Read more Gagging On Big Black Cock

99 Bottles Of Cum On The Wall!

You know the song that goes 99 bottles of beer on the wall? Well this is my scat phone sex fantasy so were replacing all that beer with piss and cum. That’s right it’s always been one of my deepest darkest fantasies to take a man and completley degrade him by getting him to drink … Read more 99 Bottles Of Cum On The Wall!

Face Down Ass Up Phone Sex

Lay down right here and I am going to handcuff your arms together! And then have you get on your knees like the filthy whore you are!  You love when I take control and tie you up and fuck you in your girly hole don’t you and make you know what it feels like to … Read more Face Down Ass Up Phone Sex

Deep Throating Cock Whore!

Come here and get down on your knees I am not done with you yet,  I am going to spread your mouth wide open and slide my huge strap on into your sexy mouth I am going to skull fuck the shit out of you! Don’t worry though I haven’t forgotten about the nipple clamps … Read more Deep Throating Cock Whore!

Cuckolding Sissy Slut!

Wow look at you !! What did you think was going to happen? I mean that cock is so small I need a real big one! You should be embarrassed with a penis that small! Haha did you really think I would let you touch me let alone stick that inside my wet pussy! Think … Read more Cuckolding Sissy Slut!

Threesome Anal

I’m feeling so naughty today and my asshole is throbbing for a huge cock to be in it. My girlfriend and I are home watching a movie in a little pjs.I love looking at her cute curvy butt in her little pajama shorts. There’s a knock at the door and she asks me if I’m … Read more Threesome Anal

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