99 Bottles Of Cum On The Wall!

You know the song that goes 99 bottles of beer on the wall? Well this is my scat phone sex fantasy so were replacing all that beer with piss and cum. That’s right it’s always been one of my deepest darkest fantasies to take a man and completley degrade him by getting him to drink adult baby bottles ones filled with piss, ones filled with cum, and LOTS and LOTS of adult baby bottles filled with BOTH. I would start it out by putting an ad on craigslist letting guys know you’ll drink their piss and cum for free! Before you know it there will be guys lined up by the door waiting to fill all those bottles up with piss and cum and laugh as they watch you drink it like a dirty little scat whore. So who’s going to be my next victim? I think this is an even hotter fantasy than toilet play phone sex don’t you think?



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