Smell Mistress Janey’s Feet!

Wow Look at you standing there! You seriously think that your Mistress will be going easy on you for this session! I don’t believe so!  Now get on your knees but before you to why don’t you slide off those pants they are too manly for you anyway aren’t they? and here slide off your boxers as well! I mean you might as well take them off since you might  be able to orgasm if i feel that you have deserved to be able to orgasm like a good submissive man!  Get your knees and kiss up my stockings unless I tell you other wise  and then slowly take my stockings off a foot at a time licking kissing ad sucking my toes! Good I almost for got! Since your wearing pink panties i have a little surprise for you Slide those off and I ma going to take your Chasity device and place it over your cock! Call me for some Domination Phone Sex



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