Worshiping Mommy’s Ass

You don’t love anything as much as you love shoving your face between your Mommy’s ass cheeks, is there? It’s definitely time for some ass worship phone sex! You need to tell me exactly what naughty little thoughts are running through your mind! You want to eat Mommy’s ass, don’t you? You want to go rimming, using your tongue, and teeth, and lips to taste and tease every luscious inch of her. Can you imagine pushing your tongue inside her, wiggling it and sliding against her walls, sucking on that tight ring of muscles. I know you want to go licking and kissing all across her ass, making sure that you get a taste of her salty, smooth skin. You want to get on your knees behind her, and press your hard cock between her ass cheeks, sliding it back and forth, pushing them against you until you can’t see your cock because it’s completely covered with her hot ass. Why don’t you call me for your fetish phone sex, and tell me about what you would do?



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