Small Penis Humiliation With Crissy


I was looking through some old pics on my Facebook timeline and it reminded me of how many emasculation phone sex lovers I’ve met in college. My dorm mates were like my sisters and we all shared a bond and agreed that all men were beneath us and could never compare to the power and superiority of a female. We would go to all the local bars and make men our victims by thinking they’re coming back to the dorm with us for a good time but that’s not what they were getting! They were all embarrassed and ashamed that a houseful of women managed to insult their lack of being a man. We showed them just how worthless they truly are to the world and that the only thing they could contribute to society was to become a servant to women and do our bidding’s for us. We turned all the sleaze bags we met at the bar into our little submissive house boys and all it took was some fem dom phone sex!



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