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I received a letter from your friend. He seemed very concerned because he found your sissy girl panties in your suitcase a few weeks back when you went away on a trip with them. I want you to do me a favor. You need to convince your friends at least three to come over to your house for a mans game night or something. Come up with something you know they will be super interested in coming over for. I’m gonna make them all wear mommy’s panties. They just don’t understand how amazing ladies panties are. I’m sure you’d like to see them forced into diapers too huh? They should fully understand why you like them so much after we teach them. And maybe they wont like it, but they’ll never know until they try them out themselves huh? You didn’t like it very much at first, you only wanted to be in diapers and then mommy made you wear her panties.



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