Fetish Sex!


Last night I had the wildest dream! It was about this very submissive guy and he wanted me to dominate him financially and to
use him as a toilet and turn him into a very weak pathetic man! So I did I gave him a a shot to make him weak and less likely to
disagree with me. Then I locked his tiny cock into a chastity device and I put the key around my neck. So I knew he would never
beable to get it! When we went out in public to his bank I made him a special leash to put around his neck, and when we walked
into the back I made him crawl next to me. Then I had him put me on his bank account so I could pull out what ever I wanted.
This time I pulled $300 dollars to go shopping with. After we left the bank we went back to the house and I had to urinate,
of course I had my toilet I put over his face and told him to open his mouth, I began urinating all over his face and into
his mouth. Call me for some Fetish Phone Sex!
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