Neighborhood Diaper Boy

Mommy Sttar

Sometimes I see you out near my yard, looking through the fence while I’m out sunbathing. I can see just the top of your bright red hair, barely peeping through the top of the privacy fence I had installed just before moving here. I remember the day your mother and sister came to welcome me to the neighborhood. You stayed hiding behind your dad near the mail box. A shy sweet diaper boy that I needed to meet. Soon.

Sadly, since then I only get to see you when you are peeping at me and my naked boobies. I guess I’ll just have to some over and say “Hello” to you huh? I promise I won’t scare you away. ABDL Mommy just wants to get to know you a little better. Wont you come have a nice time with me? I would love to make you a nice warm dinner some night. Maybe when you parents want to go out for a date night you can mention that I can babysit for them. I’m sure they would be very happy with the idea. We could play dress up and get to know each other. How about it?




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