Dirty Little Secret!

Phone sex 4Come on over let’s get really, really, really dirty! First I want you to stick your finger deep down my throat and make me vomit all over you. I know you like it when I make that gagging noise all over your dick and I even throw up a little on your cock then you take it out and wipe it on my face. I love it when you do that. So I have an Idea I want you to stick your cock in my ass then fuck me nice and hard! Pull my hair, while we are all covered in vomit. I love this idea, vomit sex,  don’t you? Oh, I know you do! Then Once you pull your cock out wipe the shit that’s on it above my lip then shove into my mouth again. We are both going to cum so hard now be a good boy and call me for some fetish phone sex!
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