Poopy Diaper Boy


Today, this ABDL Mommy talked with a poopy diaper boy. He had made a stinky mess in his cute little patterned disposable diaper. I made him give himself a little bit of a diaper massage, rubbing his tiny baby pee-pee that was concealed under his poopy diaper. Playing with his pee-pee made it stand up hard, and made my little diaper baby horny for cummies. He was so horny and ready to cum, and I couldn’t deny him, it’s Mommy’s job to take care of all my baby’s needs.  He kept touching his little baby pee-pee until he couldn’t hold back from making a big cum mess in his ABDL diaper. I then lay him down on the changing table, and cleaned up the poopy-cummy mess my cute little baby had made. I then put on a fresh diaper and cuddled my little ABDL baby until he fell asleep in my arms.




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