Gag Sex Humiliation Fetish

So many of you so-called “men” out there are in such denial about what it is that you really need. More often than not, you are just so high strung and used to being in charge of everything, whether it is at home or in the office. The problem with that is that you will not know what to do with yourself the moment that you are faced with a strong-willed woman who is all too willing to take away every shred of power and dominance that you think you have. For starters, I need to make sure that you understand your new place in this world. That place is at my feet, kissing my toes and begging me to give you an ounce of pleasure to counter the painful and stressful feelings of submission you are unaccustomed to. If you behave like the good little sissy bitch that you are, maybe I won’t fuck your asshole until you can’t sit down. Either way, it is time to stifle your complaints and groans. No one likes to listen to the pissing and moaning of a submissive slave like you. I have just the thing in mind to get you to quiet down… I have a brand new ball gag ready to shove into your mouth and strap around your head. Gag sex will surely teach you not to bitch and whine while I properly dominate you like you need. If not, I will have to use an alternative type of gag that consists of a wide O-Ring to keep your lips in the perfect shape to suck and please any cocks that I decide to shove down your throat. If you are lucky, I will let you start with a modestly sized dildo before whipping out my thick strap-on and face-fucking you, or letting my neighbor come over and use your face as the cum bucket that it is. After a few days of being used and abused, the humiliation will leave your mind and you will beg me to let you suck dick like a good sub.
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