Cuckolding ABDLs

Each and every little diaper sissy that I get to play with has their own unique quirks and personality. This makes for a whole world of fun when deciding just what sort of naughty fun that I think we should have together. Of course as every sissy knows, that tiny little peepee between your legs is really not good for much… Not when it comes to trying to please a woman, anyway. The keyword being ‘trying’. We both know that it is far too itty bitty to even get hard enough to penetrate a woman, and if they did manage to stuff it inside, it is not like she would feel anything anyway! Poor things… There are still ways to put those pathetic little peckers to work, though. To begin with, it will always, always be kept safe and sound inside of a nice thick diaper. It looks like a little baby dick, so that is how it is going to be treated, forever and ever! Once I have that out of the way, we need to set the scene of the evening. My bedroom will be properly prepared with candles, mood music, a nice bottle of wine, and new silk sheets ready to ruin! Mommy needs to have her needs met as well, so I will have arranged for a real man to come over to please me right. It goes without saying that the diaper sissy of the night will be standing in the corner, ready to watch what a dick that can please Mommy can do… Dressed up in sexy lingerie to tease them further, I will take it nice and slow with my lover before making sure that that sissy can see it all. I expect their little hand going to work rubbing that pathetic sissy clit in their diaper, visible humiliation on their face at having to watch their beloved Mommy get fucked by a man who can do all of the things they will never do!
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