Fetish Sex Talk

The sauna was hot as  Submissive Jack walked in. He liked to sit in it for awhile and relax, and lose weight and impurities at the same time.  “Oh yes” the contractor had told him. “It is our best model. This one helps you to lose everything that is unnecessary. Just be sure not to stay in it too long!” Jack snorted at the memory of the superstitious old man. It was his sauna – he could stay in it as long as he wanted to. Presently he began to get sleepy. As he rested his eyes, he could practically feel weight and age falling off him. Until all of a sudden, he woke up . And he felt different, somehow. Like there was some kind of weight on his chest. He looked down, and was so shocked to see boobs that he yelled. And the yell came out sounding much more like a  Sissy scream!  Well that brought the pool boy running to see what was going on. And what he found – he thought the house owner was home, but no – what he found in the sauna was a naked woman! He grinned luridly thinking how he was going to make this bitch “pay” to keep him quiet about her being here, and not call the police and have her arrested. She was so sexy … a perfect body really … nothing on it was unnecessary. Call me for some Domination Phone Sexd


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