Who Wants To Play?

urineplayfetishSo who wants to play? I know you do! Now come here and let’s have some fun, I know just the thing to do with you I just started my period and I know you wanna keep me clean, right? Now take my pants off and my panties and start licking and eating my pussy.
You like the way I taste don’t you! I am going to grab a hold of your head and hold your mouth in place while I pee in your mouth
and you can feel the warmness of the urine going into your mouth! You know what I want you to do next? I want you to lick my tight asshole
clean as well! Make sure I don’t have any drops of blood on me after you are done. I may reward you if your good that is.
Now I want you to stick you pounding hard cock deep inside my sweet pussy and pound the shit out of me. Oh! Yes, that feels good
keep going nobody told you to stop, did they? You know what this means right? It means that you do not get to cum, only
I do! Now call me for Fetish Phone Sex!
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