Sissy Boy Humiliation

Do you want to be a good for me, sweetie? Would you do absolutely anything that I want you to do? Then you wouldn’t mind a bit if I wanted you to strip and slip on some sheer nylon panties, would you? I want you to show all my friends just how much of a panty loving sissy boy you are, and how well you respond to a dominate woman telling you exactly what you need to do. And I know that I’m going to instruct you to place a pretty embroidered pillow in the middle of the living room floor and kneel on it, wearing a pair of sheer nylon panties with lace around the edges, some adorable anklet socks with lace and bells, a pair of glittery ivory high heels, and nothing else.  I’m going to instruct you to slide a hand inside that panties and stroke your sissy clittie while my friends and I watch, laughing at you, giving you more instructions, faster, slower, grip tighter. I want to do that until you lose all control, your hips jerking spasmodically while you coat the inside of the sheer panties with your cum. I’m sure you will be blushing bright red from head to toe, from the humiliation as much as the little work out you just got! When you’ve caught your breath, I may even tell you to take off those panties to lick and suck every bit of cum off of them, to everyone’s approval. If you love the idea of that, call me for some kinky roleplay phone sex so I can tell you detail what I just might do to you.



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