Humiliation Phone Sex With Ms. Ava

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Mommy is having her book club meeting and I need to find me an emasculation phone sex lover to turn into my little bitch boy for the occasion! He’s going to be wearing a skimpy little apron while he walks around on all fours serving my girlfriends in any way they see fit. He will be expected to serve us snacks and drinks as well as waiting around on us to refill them. He will have to accompany any of my girl friends to the bathroom and wipe their ass for them like a good little house bitch. He’ll have to give each and every one of my girl friends foot rubs and neck massages. That’s the only contact he’ll get with mommy and her friends because little bitch boys don’t get to touch real women. After everyone is done with the book club he will clean up the mess and go back in his cage until he’s needed for more domination phone sex.



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