Blackmail Phone Sex With Crissy

blackmail phone sex

I think it’s pretty sad that your wife is upstairs sound asleep while you’re down here calling me for blackmail phone sex. You should be upstairs curled up next to her sound and asleep but instead you’re down here whispering on the phone to me about all your dirty little secrets that could ruin you if anybody found out about them. You make sure to tell me not to tell anyone after you’ve confessed but that’s exactly what I planned on doing all along! When I’m through with you every single person that is involved in your life is going to figure out for themselves how much of a dirty old horny pervert you are. Maybe all of your neighbors on the block would be interested in knowing about your little obsession of wearing your wife’s panties while shes at Pilates class. Or maybe your boss should know about how you tuck that little dick between your legs like a sissy faggot. The choices are endless when it comes to humiliation phone sex



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