Your Naughty Nanny

Well hello there my little diaper boys and girls. I know what you’ve come to Nanny Ella’s Nursery for. Every week your mommy drops you off at my house while she goes to work, having no idea what we do while she is away. She thinks that I’ve been playing nursery games, like peek a boo or hide and seek. And well, I guess you can say we have been, haven’t we? Except when Nanny Ella plays those games with you, the rules are quite a bit different aren’t they? Last time we played peek a boo, Nanny let you take a peek up her skirt and down my blouse…and when we played hide and seek, I let you hide your big boy cock deep inside my dripping wet pussy.  I know how much you like those games, so I’ll make sure that we have new ones to play every time your mommy drops you off for a visit…


~ Nanny Ella~


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