Tawny’s diaper boy

1226218_2412b550dc_z-e1394080802606My diaper boy called me a couple times this week. He is always having some wicked fantasies about sex with his mommy. He wanted to be in control and lead the phone calls. So he played the part of my teenage son and, of course, I was his mommy who he had been having sex with. It started with me going into his room to change his diaper, but he took me by surprise and got me up onto the changing table and now he was putting a diaper on me but before he could get my diaper on he started to finger fuck me. He got really rough with me and started to pull my hair and was shoving his cock into my mouth. When my mouth wasn’t full of his cock he had some names he wanted me to call him and diaper boy was one of them. Finally, he pulled me down the changing table enough so he could push his cock into my pussy while telling me he was going to cum inside of me and get me pregnant. It didn’t take long for us both to cum hard. After he was done he pushed me back up and finished putting a diaper on me. Demanding me not to remove it until he said because he had planted his seed in me. ┬áCall Tawny 888-430-2010VG1001-055

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