Why You Belong In Chastity

The time really has come for you to admit just what you are and just what you truly need. I’ve seen that lacking tiny cock you’ve got, and it just makes me laugh to imagine any woman taking that thing seriously as a dick. You really think your tiny cuckold cock is arousing to anyone? Let me tell you, the only thing you ever deserve to be inside of is a locked chastity cage. No woman should have to be subjected to your sorry excuse for sex. Maybe if you’re very lucky, Mommy will milk that prostate of yours and let your little cummy mess dribble out between the bars of your cage. Being in chastity to a dominant woman will bring you purpose, little submissive man, and you will soon stop thinking of the needs of your bitty toy and only about the needs of your Domme Goddess.


Mommy Jackie

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