Where I Put My Butts


Every now and then I get the most interesting callers that want to participate in the more bizarre Extreme Fetish Sex.  The other day I had just one of those calls where the caller loved that I smoked since he said that played into his fetish.  I was intrigued and baffled at the same time with what he could have meant.  He proceeded to call me Mistress Janey every time he addressed me.  I had him kneel on the floor at my feet just sitting there naked.  I lit my first cigarette and took long nice drags off of it and each time I exhaled I blew to the smoke right at the slave kneeling before me.  When the ash was nice and long I told the slave to stick out his tongue and proceeded to flick my butt on his tongue. Every time I did this he thanked me.  When the cigarette was almost out he held out his hind and asked if he can be my ashtray to put it out on his hand.  I thought sure that’s what you are good for.  I crushed out the cigarette as a red welt formed on his hand and he kissed my hand afterwards telling me what a pleasure it was to serve me.  Have something taboo you want to try, then I am your Mistress.  Call me and enter the dark side of Extreme Phone Fetish Sex



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