Foot Fetish

“Oh please mistress how can I please you?”
You sit down on your knees at my feet with nothing on but a diaper and a leather studded leash. I tell you it’s been a long day and to rub my feet. Your eyes grow with excitement for you have a foot fetish with your mistress. I stick my feet out for you to rub my feet. You slowly take off my black high heels and start to peel off my sheer black knee high pantyhose. You rub my feet with devotion and excitement and I can tell you’re starting to get a boner in your Abdl-diaper. I tell you to lick my toes as well and your diaper is getting bigger and bigger with your boner. You suck on my toes one by one and beg me to cum. Since you’ve been a good baby, I let you cum in your diaper.
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foot fetish
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