Well-fucked Sissy!!

Why are you whining so much through your ball gag, my submissive sissy? If I just listened to that shrill noise coming from you I might start to think you didn’t want this, that you don’t want my strap-on cock bottoming out in your tight little sissy pussy. But with the way that you are pushing yourself back on my cock, and the growing size of the puddle of precum underneath you, I would have to say that you are quite excited right now! Why do you enjoy this so much? Why would you like to be stretched out on my cock like this, your rim red and swollen enough to show how hard I’m fucking you? I’m digging my fingers into your hips, slamming my hips against you hard enough to make your entire body jolt forward, just for me to pull you back on my cock. Why don’t you call me so you can beg me for my cock, beg me for some proper sissy phonesex.



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