Fun Sissy Cuckold Humiliation (Part 1)

I know this has to be terribly embarrassing for you, dear, but I told all of my closest friends about how I turned you into my very own diapered sissy cuckold, and they are all very excited to come over and see you in your new pretty dresses, and thick diapers, and thigh high stockings! And they are going to love these sissy ‘fuck me’ heels that that you’re going to be tottering around in as you serve us our drinks. I’ve been talking to them so long about how pathetic you are, how useless that limp little clittie between your legs is. Can you actually blame me for locking it into a chastity cage, and for finding myself a boyfriend that will fuck me like only a real man with a hard cock can? You were pathetic as a husband, so I’m hoping that you make a better sissy for me. Want to know what my friends do to you? Click here to find out! Or just call me for your humiliation phonesex, and I will tell you all about it!



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