Trapped By Amazonian Mommies!

gag porn

You couldn’t believe it when three women over seven feet tall had squeezed into the work elevator after you, towering over you and not even noticing your presence at first. Cowering in the corner and hoping not to get squished by the sexy giantess women it was absolutely terrifying when the closest one grabbed you “Aww look here girls, I found a little adult baby hiding in the corner here!”

Sputtering at her, you tried to give her your best ‘unhand me’ look as you told her “I’m not a baby! Put me down!” But it was for naught and only served to make her companions join in the teasing fun. The door dinged and opened and before you knew it they had you picked right up and carried along with them! As you tried your best to yell in protest they ripped your clothes off and pinched your cock, clearly enjoying themselves and your captive cock and ball torture. You belonged to these sadistic giantesses now, sugar.


Mommy Jackie


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