Ready To Piss In My Mouth?

John was already half-hard, and he knew that as soon as he was finished peeing on Lydia he was going to get rock-hard from watching his hot yellow piss stream across her face to run down the rest of her body.  She smiled up at him and gave his cock a teasing squeeze while she tilted and moved it to aim his piss stream on her face just the way she wanted.  She had a golden shower kink that got as bad as his, until she would beg him to piss on her as soon he walked into the house.  Today she was already on her knees in front of the door when he walked in and started to pull his cock out before he could shut the door all the way, asking him sweetly to pee in her mouth.  He relaxed his bladder and she aimed the salty stream to fall in her mouth, some of it splashing out to wet her face.  She smiled and swallowed, and when she was done he was going to fuck her pissy mouth until he came across her face.  If this sounds like your kind of fun, call me for piss kink phonesex!



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