Tongue Cleaning My Feet!

You’re more than a bit of a phone sex foot slut, aren’t you?  You would love it if I made you get down on you back, right next to where I’d be sitting, and told you to clean my feet. I would except you lick them clean with your tongue, sliding it across the bottom of my feet, and between my toes.  You’d have a very short time frame to do what I asked. If you didn’t clean my feet to my standards, I would have to punish you, wouldn’t I? I could make you gag, make you deep throat my foot until you learn to breathe around and your throat relaxed. Then I’ll have to slide it forward even further.  I will have my feet so far in your mouth you will feel my toenails scraping the back of your throat. Would you like to hear what else I might to you? Call me for your foot fetish phone sex.



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