Ass Smothering Fun

What nasty little desires run through your mind, dear? Do you fantasize about a nice, thick ass pressing down on your face, smothering you completely?  Do you like ass smothering phone sex, telling me about how you feel with breath play, having a woman’s ass spread around your face, every part covered with her hot flesh?  Even when she raises up a few inches, lets you take a single breath all you will be able to smell is her ass, that’s all you will be able to see.  That’s exactly what I would do for you. I would press down until your nose was half way up my tight ass.  I would tell you to slide your tongue inside me, to eat my ass until I’m satisfied.  You would have to earn your next breath, do want I told you to do, and do it well.  Call me for your breath play phone sex so that I can tell you exactly what you need to do for me.



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