The Regression Ray Pt 1

Chris couldn’t believe it! After years of research and work he had invented something which would change the world. He pointed his device at a fully grown white lab rat, watching as it reverted back into a tiny pink newborn rat in a just a few moments. A loud knock on his door startled him out of his intense focus, he rushed to cover up his device as the door swung open. Tiffany, the college student who, along with her three sexy roommates, lived in the unit next door, stood in the doorway. Hands on her curvaceous hips, she scowled at him. He gulped, it was hard to meet her gaze, she looked just like the girls he watched in porn. Oh no! He thought, she must know about the sexy panties of her’s I stole from the apartment’s laundry room. It had been impossible to help himself, his lingerie fetish had gotten the best of him and he had slipped a couple pairs from her dirty laundry into his pocket.



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