Soft and Submissive

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Sometimes when you’re a mommy, people expect you to be a dommy mommy, large and in charge, not submissive. The truth is, I prefer a softer hand. Although I have been known to toy with domination and BDSM on others when the mood strikes me, I tend to appreciate being the softer force when it comes to intimacy. That doesn’t mean I can’t take it when my partner wants to use a firm hand with me. I’m no delicate flower! Whether it be light bondage that you’re into, or perhaps shoving a ball gag into my mouth to muffle my screams of pleasure, I’m up to the challenge. Blindfolds and lots of leather and straps are always a fun way to go. Maybe some sexy lingerie for you to appreciate while you defile me. Nothing scares me away! Mommies are meant to be brave, after all! Spank me, pull my hair, I love it all! Kinky when I can be, and sweet as pie, I promise I’ll leave you satisfied. Hurry and give me a call! I’m so excited to get the chance to play with you!




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