Pathetic Little Cuckolds, Call Now!

So many of you “men” think that you just go above and beyond in the bedroom when you are trying to please your woman… Unfortunately for you, the sad truth is that you are not all that you chalk yourself up to be. Most of your women try to get into contact with a powerful MILF with plenty of experience, like yours truly. I get more requests from other women desperate for some advice on how to really let their man know just how insignificant and pathetic he is to a strong, sexy woman. I have some favorite advice to give in these types of situations. I always advise taking a night in which the both of you are completely available and free of any prior engagements or responsibilities. I tell those women to keep that planned evening in mind, and then treat themselves to some stud shopping. Check out all of those sexy, strong men who pass by when they are in the gym or grocery shopping. Show off those legs, put on a face of make up and to generally make themselves feel sexy and free. That is when they will undoubtedly attract the attentions of just the sort of man who will aid in the utter torment and humiliation that is to come for that pathetic man waiting at home. Any man can be turned into a wimpy little cuckold bitch if his woman has gotten sick and tired of him. Bring that new man home, fill him in on the plan, and then set the scene. I tell those women to put their whiny little sissy men in a chair in the corner. A spotlight above them surely adds to the drama when they are in a spotlight looking even more weak and timid than usual, if such a thing is even possible. Bend over in some sexy lingerie and let that new man go to town on you. Watch that cuckold of yours cry and shove his hand down his pants to jerk off while he watches a man fuck you like he knows he could never do!
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