Hypnotized Into Your Dumb Bimbo

Would you like to turn me into your own personal slut, a dumb bitch that does exactly what you say? Maybe you get hold of something special, a powder to slip into my drink or food that works so quickly you can watch the intelligence leak out of me. My eyes go dull and bright, and I don’t mind a bit that you call me slut, a whore, and a stupid cunt. I like your domination and my humiliation as long as keep giving me your cock, doesn’t matter which hole you shove it into. Start putting me under constant bimbo hypnosis, make sure that I don’t have any value past being a walking fuck toy. You know I’ll be happier that way, not knowing any better, but even if I didn’t like it, that’s not the fucking point is it? Got your own ideas about what you want to do to me? Call me for some forced kink phone sex.



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