Mistress Colette’s Kiss Comes With A Twist

pussy worship

I am Mistress Colette and I love to kiss and I do it with a twist.  You can’t expect that you are going to get me to give you a kiss without me doing it my way. First of all my kisses are not the average kiss, as you have to earn it first by going through a series of tests in order to prove to me that you are worthy.  Do you think that you deserve for me to place my precious lips on any part of you without me getting anything for myself out of it?  Oh please darling, it certainly does not work that way. 

You are to give me a nice foot massage and make sure that you use your tongue to bathe my feet.  I will sit in comfort, while you will be on your knees.  At no point will you beg, plead or ask me to take a break as you will be banished to the closet where you will remain in the dark until the very next day without breakfast, lunch or dinner.  So, you will do as you are told and it will be done with a smile as making sure that you please my tired feet is a pleasure and a reward for you.  You should be more than grateful that I decided to select your mouth as the place where I will insert my feet. 

My sweet and precious feet ought to be worshipped at all times and if you do so, then you are one step closer to getting that kiss that you so want and crave so much. In addition to pleasing my feet with your tongue, you will use your hands to massage them thoroughly as all of the knots and kicks must be worked out in order for me to have relaxed and pampered feet.  Now, a few lashes on your bottom with my bare hand should suffice – not because you necessarily did anything wrong, but these lashes are a reminder of what will happen if you decide to deviate from the norm and decide to go rogue and not follow my instructions.

Now, I will continue my domination and I will sit on your face for you to conduct pussy worship with your tongue and you will slowly eat my cunt and swallow my sweet juices all the while that I have a hold of your cock.  I will squeeze it and I will jerk it and you dare not cum until I give you permission to do so.  I will bring you to the point of orgasm and you will be denied every single time until I determine that you are able to shoot your sticky load. 

And once you have passed the series of tests that I have bestowed upon you, it will be the perfect time for you to be kissed by me on the cheek and expect me to also do a small love nibble as well on there so you can remember the experience and have a nice red mark on your face for every single time that you take a piss in the loo and notice the reminder of me on your face.



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