Filthy Sissy Caught By Step- Mom Part 2

she says in a slow evil sounding voice.”Now, bend over.” What the hell. Is she going to spank me?”Bend over now, Sissy bitch!” I Commands her to bend overĀ  my knee for being such a naughty little sissy slut I bend over as if to touch my toes, as my freshly fucked pussy and ass are very much exposed now. I figure if Ryan’s cum starts pouring out now, she has herself to blame. “What is your dad going to think about all this?” I say. I think, well, something tells me he is going to know soon enough. Plus I think he would be much more interested in learning what type of bitch he truly married. And on top of all that, I’m having fun playing the scared step-daughter role, so let’s see where this goes.”Please don’t tell him!” she beg to her and fake trying not to cry. “I’ll, I’ll do anything.”Okay, cue porn music for the evil step-mom step-daughter sex scene I think. I just gave the please take advantage of me, call. “Oh listen to yourself beg,” she tells me taking pleasure in this. “The number one daughter. The apple of his eye. Daddy’s girl.” Call me for some Fetish Phone Sex



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