Auntie’s Adult Baby Slave

How would you like to be your favorite Auntie’s adult baby slave? You have been very naughty lately, but you seem to actually enjoy the spankings that I have been giving you! That won’t do at all.  You’re going to make me be especially mean to you, aren’t you? I may use you as a footstool, only good to stay on your hands and knees while I relax with my feet propped across your back.  Or you could be my phone sex toilet slave!  I’ll have a bench with a hole in the middle that I will want you to place your face underneath, your mouth open wide to take in all my pee and poo.  Then when I’m done, I expect you to clean my pussy and ass with your mouth. Lick me clean and make me cum on your face while you eat out my pussy like an obedient slave.  Call me for some fetish phone sex with your Aunty!



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