Toilet Slave Training Punishment

toilet play fetish, golden showers, humiliation

Matthew looked up through the toilet seat at his mistresses with more than a little trepidation. He knew he was going to be disciplined for not following their instructions, but toilet slave training wasn’t anywhere on the mental list of punishments he had been thinking about. The thought of them sitting on the toilet bench and actually pissing on him had him flinching and twitching against the handcuffs they used to keep him chained to the bench legs. But they knew what they were doing, because while he cringes thinking about, the fact that they were going to humiliate and demean him in such a disgusting manner turned him on just as much as it embarrassed him. His humiliation got him harder than anything else, and he wouldn’t be surprised if he came untouched by the time they were through with him! If this sounds like what you need, call me for some golden showers phone sex.



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 #humiliation #goldenshower #pissfetish #toiletslave

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