Sissified Pt 3

Jakob followed, totally naked, into the sissy girl finishing school. He was transfixed by his new dommy mommy, and though he felt absolutely humiliated he was more excited than anything, knowing this was the beginning of his new life as a sissy maid in training. She entered a large bedroom with a fireplace in one corner and the door to a closet on the opposite wall. Tossing his clothing into the fire, she told Jakob to kneel. “You will no longer need those clothes, sissy.” She said, “Your training begins today, and the first thing you need to focus on is admitting what you really are. That you have never been a man at all, just a weak, limp-wristed sissy fag. Your pathetic cock will be locked in a tight chastity cage and you will be dressed in short skirts, never pants.”



#abdl #sissygirl #regression

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