Shower Mommy


I’m not going to tell you again. You’re a big boy, you should know that you must take a shower every day! I know what would get you in the shower. I’ll just get in with you, I know you’ll come in then wont you little pervert. I’ve seen you watching mommy shower. I know when you’re watching me shave. I’ve watched you slide your hand in your adult diaper touching your little peepee while I give you a full show. Oh, don’t be embarrassed. I’ve always love changing you after that, you make such mess in them. Mommy likes when you watch her. Want to come in with me now? I can help you wash and you can help me shave. You can shower mommy in a big sticky mess! Come on sweetie. Mommy wants a naughty boy to come play in the shower with her. We can roleplay anything you’d like in here sweetie. What do you say? Hehe!



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