Park Humilation for my Diaper Lover

Today I took my adult baby out to the park. He was wearing his new sissy diaper with a cute little romper that had pomp pomps ringing the leg openings. When suddenly mommy smelt opps baby had a poo poo. Such a naughty adult baby, making such a mess. I knew I had to change his dirty diaper there on the grass as a punishment for making such a mess. I pulled out his bright pink changing pad and laid it next to the walking path that was filled with people taking a stroll. Mommy made her sissy lay down on the changing pad and unsnapped his romper, reviling his baby pink diaper underneath. After opening the dirty diaper I could see just how much of a mess my sissy baby made. I had to use half a pack of baby wipes to clean him all up. While I was changing my sissy a crowd had gathered around us laughing at how disgusting my little one was. I made sure to tell everyone watching that this adult baby could only drink from a bottle and had no bladder control. After finishing putting a clean diaper on my sissy baby, I snapped his romper back up and made him crawl for the rest of our time at the park. Maybe he won’t be so gross to mess his diaper so badly in public the next time.



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