Much-Needed Diaper Enema Discipline!

You’ve been misbehaving quite a bit, and plain old spankings just don’t seem to be working for very long anymore. I can’t spank you for hours, but there are other ways to punish you that will last. You are going to get on all fours and stay there while I give you your diaper enema discipline! Yes, I said diaper. I’m going to give a you a large enema, then slip you into an extra thick abdl diaper for the mess you’re going to make! I know you’re going to try to hold in that enema, because it will be embarrassing when you make a poopy mess in that diaper. It will be even worse when I keep you in that filthy diaper as part of your punishment. All day long you will have that heavy weight swaying behind you, smacking the back of your thighs as you waddle around. What to hear more about about your well-deserved diaper punishment? Call me for your forced enema phonesex.



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