Lydia Makes Herself Available To Be Used And Abused

abdl girl There are so many femdom stories that I can tell you that will make you so wet. I love to tease and please with all of my sweet parts.  Why don’t you just sit directly across from me and I will open my legs so you can look at me while I play with my sweet pussy.  I love to touch my pussy and put my fingers inside and out of it because it feels so good. 

My juices from my cunt leak out so freely and drip down on my fingers and I love to taste the way that my cunt tastes on my fingers. I want to give you some to taste also. It tastes so sweet.  Take your mouth and put it on my sweet cunt and glide over my my lips. Pull my sweet pussy lips into your mouth and suck them, then let me bend over and give you that same pussy so that you can fuck it.

I want you to fuck it softly and the start fucking it rough.  I want you to know that you own me and that all of me belongs to you so take me.  If you want to femdom chastity, or femdom scat we can get into that also. I want to fuck in the backyard for the neighbors to see, I want them to observe us as I spread my legs and take you in all of my orifices.  I want to have you shove your cock in my mouth and cum over and over again and if I gag on it I want to keep sucking it while I struggle to breathe. 

rab the back of my head and push it down on to my mouth so that it hits the back of my throat. I want to be used and abused and fucked like a little slut.  I want the neighbors to see me and know that I am the little cum bucket that is available for all of them to fuck at any time.  I can be dressed up like a little cheerleading slut whore and I can be the girl that is naughty and needs to be disciplined and you can humiliate me by publicly spanking me and making me get punished for all of the naughty things that I do.

And another fantasy that I want to do is also to be all dolled up in a nice fluffy diaper while I suck on your cock and then I can be your sweet little diaper baby girl and you can treat me how you want to treat me.  If all of this sounds great then you should not hesitate in giving me a call right away so we can have a great time fucking.  We can do it until our beautiful genitals get so sore and then we need to put icepacks on it in order to cool it down. So, give me a call right away and let us have a fucking fun time.



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