Cuckold Fluffer Bitch

What’s up cuckold phone sex bitch? Oh your dick is up? That’s too bad you know why don’t you? Cause cuckold bitches like you don’t get to have any pleasure whatsoever. The only thing close to pleasure that you will EVER get is the pleasure of you satisfying every single one of my needs. And by satisfying I mean you get to play fluffer and clean up boy. Because you could never ever EVER give me the pleasure I need. Not with that limp little cock dangling so repulsing between your legs. It’s so tiny and incompetent I wouldn’t even be able to feel it go inside me. That’s why I need real cocks to go inside me and I need them to be rock hard, that’s where you come in my fluffer phone sex bitch.
#fag #smallcock #sissybitch

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