Chastity Belt Fetish!


Chastity belt fetish



                          I have a Chastity Belt fantasy in mind. First, I want you to obey all of my commands. I will be providing you a big cage, for me to lock you in, at night. I will only let you out, in the mornings. I will leave you in your cage all night, while I am sleeping. Once I let you out of your cage. I will put a pink collar around your neck. I will have you follow me around the house. I won’t take your chastity belt off, until the end of the month. I want to teach you everything their is to know, about becoming my sissy slave boy. I am thinking of making my basement, into my torture room. It’ll be a place, that I will bring all my sissy boys. If you call me now, you can be my first slave, to train. I’m in the mood to being a dominating Mommy tonight. I hope you’re on your best behavior for me. 

Mommy Janey


Dominating Mommy!


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